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Victor Hugo

The Martian

The Martian - Andy Weir Unfortunately a disappointment, though I loved the movie. The book felt like a badly done mystery book: Mark encounters a problem, how will Mark solve it? By bringing up a property of his equipment that was never mentioned before. While it's obviously not realistic to expect the author to go through everything in extreme detail, it made caring about the many, many arising problems.

Moreover, the book had a very strong and unpleasant anti-nerd vibe that was honestly surprising considering the cast & target audience (including a "didn't get laid in college LOL" joke...). It honestly made me annoyed every time it came up and just made me be much more negative towards the whole book than I otherwise would have been.

I almost forgot another issue I had with the book: Vogel's constant germanisms. Especially as someone living in Germany, I can honestly say that I haven't once met a German person that says "Ja" in English. The stereotype of "foreign, therefore must speak English weirdly" was a constant annoyance as well.