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Siddhartha Mukherjee
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George R.R. Martin
Клетниците: част първа - трета (Избрани произведения в пет тома, #1
Victor Hugo


Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov, Craig Raine Lolita was... An experience. It was definitely too slow for my taste, though at the same time very well written and moving: I haven't been this angry at anything in a while, nor as disappointed in its ultimate end. After all Lolita's been through, she deserved a much better fate. It might not be that kind of book, but it pissed me off to now end how unlucky she ends up being I was warned in advance how easy it is to "fall for Humbert's manipulations", but... I honestly didn't see it? He was despicable, starting around 5% in to the very end, and I couldn't feel anything but disgust and anger for him.